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France bans vegetarians from pretending vegetarian food is meat


Food producers in France will be forced to think of new ways to describe some of their vegetarian and vegan foods when they are banned from using terms such as:

  • vegetarian sausages
  • vegetarian mince
  • vegan bacon

Firms will no longer be able to use "burger", "steak", "sausage" or “fillet” to describe foods that have no meat in them, such as "ham" slices or "chicken" pies that are made of Quorn, soya or wheat.

The ban will also apply to dairy alternatives.

It has happened after the European Court of Justice said that soya and tofu products could not be marketed as “milk” or “butter”.

Mr Moreau, a farmer and member of President Macron’s En Marche! party said:

“It is important to fight against false claims: our products must be designated correctly: the terms #cheese or #steak will be reserved for products of animal origin!”

Those refusing to comply with the ban will face fines up to €300,000 (£264,000).