Chelsey Fraser


Cool Cool.... ASOS is now selling a Slush Puppy Machine in time for summer

Summer parties will never be the same.

We all grew up with Slush Puppies but sadly they were always in the hold of other people and we never could get our hands on one.

And finally you might actually be able to afford to make your own throwback drinks all summer.

ASOS has been in the news for selling like a swimsuit that can't be worn in water. However, it's finally saving itself, with an absolute necessity on sale just in time for of summer: a slush puppie machine.

The machines cost £59.99 online and they make up to one litre of slush at a time - just make sure you add your own syrup.

You can buy it here. However you can buy syrups easily from Menkind for only £6.99.

Last weekend, I reported that Coca Cola were releasing the first official Coke slushies, but now it's also been announced that they releasing Fanta Orange and Grape versions of the slush.

It's an exciting move for the world of soft drinks, as we've previously had to depend on a few cubes of rapidly melting ice to keep our drink cool.

With the summer just arriving I'm looking forward to using this in warmer weather - and even making some delicious summer cocktails.

Check here if you can't get you hand on an ASOS one:

Robert Dyas slushie machine

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Argos slush puppy machine

Menkind slush puppy