Andrew Auricht


Teenager, 19, marries 72 year old grandmother

Age ain't nothing but a number.

A 19-year-old teenager Gary Hardwick who married a 72-year-old grandmother Almeda he met at a pizza restaurant has told about how in love the pair are.

Gary says he has 'great chemistry' with Almeda - and doesn't believe their 53-year age gap makes any difference - even though he's younger than one of her grandchildren and says If you love somebody, age is just a number.

Almeda never expected to find love with teenager, during an outing at a branch of the popular US pizza restaurant chain Chuck E Cheese.

But after just two weeks of dating, they took their quick romance to the next level when Gary popped the question and they decided to get married.

It was Gary who asked the question to Almeda, who at the time, had just come out of an unhappy relationship with a 77-year-old man.

Gary says it was love at first sight when he captured eyes with the grandmother of six - one of whom is older than Gary.

However, their marriage life it’s still going strong, enjoying their cosy little life in Maryville, Tennessee.