Morgan Maclean


Freeze the feeling - Coca-Cola has just released world’s first frozen coke Slushies - but there’s one catch

Ideal for those hot summer days.

With warmer weather just around you may be dreaming of hot, sunny days and balmy summer evenings.

And on such occasions, there’s nothing some people like more than a Slushy or a chilled can of Coca-Cola.

It’s good news for many that Coca-Cola is launching the world’s first official Coke slushy.

Sure, we’ve all seen unbranded cola slushies around supermarkets / festivals, but this is Coca-Cola’s first official frozen slushy.

Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon has been 8 years in the market, but is only hitting the market in Japan for now.

Japan is getting all the luck with the fizzy drinks, they also got to have Peach Coca-Cola and coffee Coca-Cola.

The slushies come in a handy pouch - handbag friendly.

Due to hit the shelves on April 16th and there is one catch – it’s launching in Japan.

But the drinks do come cheap - 85p.