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April is the month of all things festival, from hair tools to create the perfect style and glitter to add extra sparkle, jewellery statement pieces and beauty essentials all to complete the festival look.

Everyone knows Claire's is the go to for jewellery for all occasions, so why not shout out about our new arrivals. We have lots of new on-trend jewellery including tassels, alternative ear, mood rings, initial jewellery and much more.

Brand new hair accessories have just become available giving us the summer feels. Shout out about therir new embellished headbands, claws and fascinators ready for the summer season.

Last but not least customers can also grab newness of their favourite Ty plushes. They can shop Claries collection of new plushes alongside those classic claire's exclusives, and even better they're on BOGO50% off.

Festival Accessories

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Embrace your boho babe with flower crowns, feathers and fringe! Grab all of the festival accessory essentials right here from Claire's and you'll be set for rocking out at the festival of your choice this summer!



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Get the most fabulous and fun jewellery this season! Whether you're looking for trendy tassel earrings and initial jewellery, or searching for the perfect alternative ear jewellery to start your ear party, Claries have you covered on everything jewellery from head to toe!



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From bows to barrettes, they have all the hair accessories to help seal the deal on looking super cute this spring. Shop Claries brand new hair trends, from fancy fascinators to delicate embellished headbands. Their collection is what you need to perfect your look.

Ty Beanie Boos

Start your own adventures with your very own little pets. Shop Claries collection of new plushes alongside those classic Claire's exclusives. Adopt yours today.



Prom is one of the biggest highlights of your high school experience! Dance, hang out, and have fun with friends in style with Claire's collection of show stopping prom jewelry and accessories. With this collection, you're sure to have a prom you'll never forget!