Kimberly Jones


British Airways launches cheap long-haul flights

Fly from London to the US for only £175 return.

Happy news for travel lovers - or those yet to book their summer holiday - British Airways has launched competitively-priced 'basic' air fares on a selection of their long-haul routes.

The new fares will be available from London to the following destinations:

  • Austin, Texas (from £246);
  • Boston (from £175); Delhi (from £210);
  • Denver, Colorado (from £191);
  • Dubai (from £143); Hong Kong (from £228);
  • Oakland, California (from £185);
  • Philadelphia (from £234);
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (from £240);
  • Singapore (from £230).

So what's the catch? You have to pay to check in hold luggage - which will cost you around £80 for a return journey.

However, you do get two pieces of hand-luggage, so clever packers who can travel with the bare minimum might be able to avoid the charge.