Rory Rosenstengel


Teacher banned phones on an exam, so one student brought in a vinyl record player instead

He aced the exam.

If you needed any more proof that vinyl is fully back, then this is truly it, one student decided to take it a step further to show his musical dedication.

Considering kids are practically born with smartphones in hand now, it's not unusual for teachers to ban them mobiles during classes, and specifically during exams to prevent cheating.

A Canadian teacher Eric Sauercracker told his students that they couldn't bring in their phones for their physics exam to listen to music because they might try to cheat.

But one clever student found a crafty way around this rule and brought an record player and headphones, so he could listen to music while he cranked through the questions.

The best part is he was listening to The College Dropout and and everyone praised the student for his ingenious idea.

Vancouver teacher Eric Saueracker said:

"The students are in an AP Physics 1 class and for their midterm they had to do answer a couple of questions from previous exams.

The answers to these exams are available online so the students couldn't have their phones out during the test. I joked that they could bring in a cassette or CD if they wanted music, when the student chimed in and asked if he could bring in a record player.

Of course I thought he was just being a smart ass so I told him it was ok. Then lo and behold he brought the record player in, hooked up a 15-foot extension cord and rocked out to Kanye while he took the test.

The amazing thing is that he tied for the second highest score in the class and aced the exam."