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Plumber confesses to the worst job he's ever had to do

Not all heroes wear capes.

If you think you've had a bad day, then please spare a thought for this poor plumber who was faced with a 'poo volcano' after a call out that result to be much - much worse than he'd imagined.

Steven Wolf, 49, agreed to do a cleanup job for an elderly customer when she called in tears at the state of her flat.

Steven thought he would be attending a routine job in a woman's basement flat - only to arrive and be met with the terrible sight of a bathroom absolutely covered in poop.

The image shows the woman's bathroom completely covered in human poo.

Steven said:

“I was a cleaner 30 years ago, so the smell doesn’t faze me, but when I got home my wife wasn’t happy.

It smelt so awful she made me sit naked in the porch, she wouldn’t let me in the house.

One of my guys was gagging and retching when we first showed up to the job.”

The woman who lived at the property had returned home from holiday to find her bathroom like this and had called the Steve in tears begging him to help.

The 'volcano of poo' was caused by the draining from flats above bypassing a blockage and pouring out of this woman's toilet.

Steve powered on through the mountain of poo to completed clear the mess for the lady.

However, professional Steven went on to say that between him and the team they got it looking as good as new.

He added:

"It was the worst job I've ever had, but I was very satisfied at the state I left the flat in.

I couldn't believe how well I'd done. Everything was salvageable apart from underneath the floor."

Fair play to the man - I can only imagine how happy the customer was after all that. Not all heroes wear capes, some have to wear rubber gloves to get the job done.

Never complain about your day work again.