Rosie Dodd


Price of cigarettes should increase by 50% to save more than 60 million lives worldwide

That's a lot of money for a pack of cigarettes.

According to new research the price of cigarettes should rise again to make them nearly £20 ($37 USD / ₹2000) per pack to save more than 60 million lives worldwide.

Experts say apparently doubling the price of cigarettes could lead to 'unprecedented health gains and poverty reduction'.

People who live on the lowest incomes stand to gain the most, not just in their lungs, but also in their wallets.

Increasing cigarette pack prices by 50% would cause around 67million men from the world's poorest countries to quit smoking.

Globally, around 449 million years of life would be gained, while approximately £110 billion ($157 billion) would be saved not treating smoking-related diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

Smoking is due to be responsible for one billion deaths in the 21st century, with low-income countries being particularly affected.

Raising taxes on tobacco in the most effective way to encourage people to quit smoking and stop people taking up the habit. In the UK, a pack of 20 cigarettes costing £10 will be more than 80% tax.