Faith Sanders


Fashion brands are using children's handwriting as artwork

The dissent of haute couture

It looks like top fashion labels are starting to go back to basics. By basics, I mean childlike scribbles on popular items like t-shirts. The messages take a stab at humanity with cheeky messages that make you think twice.

For example, Gucci’s vintage t-shirt that has become a bit of an icon with fashionistas has a disobedient brother. Scribbled across the original tee are the words, “COMMON SENSE IS NOT THAT COMMON”.

The t-shirt ($550 USD) is a result of a partnership between Gucci and Coco Capitán.‌

Also getting attention is the The Arthur Script Large Briefcase (£1200) which instead of cheeky declarations uses elegant writing including inspiring messages such as “keeping your thoughts raised high”.

Dolce & Gabbana have gone for the middle ground with the playful and truly natural Medium Welcome Leather Top Handle Bag (£2850). The combination of a schoolgirl’s scribbles, with the sentimental top handle, all made out of calf leather gives this bag a lively twist.