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The world’s most expensive funerals ever.

Going out in style.

When it comes to that final send-off, it is extraordinary the lengths and the expense to which some people may go. Some are so beloved that it will take millions of dollars before the person is laid down to their final resting place.

A funeral service can come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple, others spare no expense. Let’s take a look at some of the more luxurious - and expensive - funerals throughout history.

Michael Jackson - $1 million

 Another ‘King’ on our list. The King of Pop received a funeral service fit for royalty. Michael Jackson’s funeral ended up with a total bill of just over 1 million dollars.

Expenses included a crypt that cost $500,000 and funeral clothes that cost around $35,000. The fantastic funeral matched Jackson’s over-the-top personality.

Elvis Presley - $2 million

An estimated 80,000 fans came to pay their respects to the King of Rock N’ Roll when he died. The final bill for Presley’s funeral came in at $23,789.73. That’s no small sum for somebody that is still rumored to be alive.

Pope John Paul II - $11.9 million

From King to Pope, John Paul’s funeral drew a massive crowd of more than three million pilgrims - probably the largest funeral party on record, requiring a security operation to match.

The cost was of the whole affair was more than an estimated £6 million.

Princess Diana - $11.8 million

From Kings to Popes and Princesses, the funeral for the “Queen of Hearts” attracted more than one million people to line the route of her final journey for a ceremony that is said to have drawn more than two billion television viewers worldwide.

At today’s prices, the total expenditure on her funeral is estimated to have been more than £9 million.

Ronald Reagan - $400 million

Not to miss out on grand expenditure when it comes to state funerals, some US Presidents also claim record sums on the amount spent.

According to the American news, a massive $400 million (that’s the equivalent of more than £300 million) was spent on his funeral in 2004.

Kim Jong-Il - - $40 million

The infamous dictator had a pretty lavish state ceremony. The needy country spent $1 million alone to preserve the dictators body, with an extra $800,000 annually spent in the upkeep of his body since his death in 1994.

If that wasn’t enough, the costs associated with the funeral also included a $100 million conversion of an assembly hall into the dictator’s personal mausoleum.

Alexander the Great - $600 million

The top prize for what is believed by some to be the most expensive funeral ever goes to Alexander the Great – and that was some 2,300 years ago.

A golden chariot, a gold casket and a funeral procession along a specially built road from Persia to Egypt all helped to take the bill – in today’s money – of an estimated £450 million or so.