Taj Milford


Céline clear plastic bags are now for sale - but it’ll cost you

Would you buy it?

Some supermarkets charge 5p for plastic bags, but this may be too rich for anyone’s blood.

French clothing brand Céline recently launched a plastic carrier bag as part of its 2018 summer collection, and it costs a bit more than 5p. $600 to be exact. The clear shopping bag is priced has the CELINE Paris logo written on the front in black block letters, hence the price tag.

The bag is not available online and is exclusively available at the Celine pop-up shop featured in the Nordstrom Downtown Seattle store which opened in February and will continue until the end of May this year.

Beneath the rather plain logo are are four warning notices written in English, French, German and Italian saying:

"To avoid danger as suffocation keep away this bag from babies and children."

If you purchase a Céline leather clutch and coin purse, then you can get the Phoebe Philo designed plastic bag as a set together for $985 USD.

As its made out of a thick vinyl material, you can reuse it for groceries, making this sparse looking bag a window into your latest diet.

Or you can use it as a purse if you want everyone to see your phone and other personal belongings.

For me personally, I'd rather buy 9 clear bags for $10 Amazon.