Grace Pratt


Gucci's new rubber tote bag has sold out in most stores despite costing £700

A bag for the future.

You never want something until you can't have it.

From the Double G Belt, ‘Fake’ T-shirt and Soho Disco Bag, Gucci has regularly dominated the fashion world as one of the hottest labels around.

But the brand’s latest product, a Gucci rubber tote bag, retailing for £700 is more clever than you might think.

Due to the cut on the use of plastic bags, a rubber tote bag is just what you need for shopping.

You've probably seen the recent Clear Céline shopper bag that's taken over, and now Gucci's  tote bag which comes in four different colours, with their logo front and center is already flying off the shelves.

However some people are not happy with the design:

“Finally, a laundry basket that suits Gucci clothes,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Looks like a watering can for the garden”

Despite that, the bag is already sold out at some stores.

If you want one in time for the summer season, get your order in now while they're still available.