Olivia Budd


Women jailed after breaking into McDonald’s drive-thru and helping herself

Real life hamburglar.

Have you ever been to any restaurant and thought it would be easier if you just sneaked behind the counter and made the food yourself? obviously no one does it because you're not allowed.

But 27-year-old, Jessica Marie Cross, nicknamed 'Real Life Hamburglar' caught on camera helping herself to a drink, some food and money at a MacDonalds drive-thru in Columbia, USA.

The restaurant was closed, but the drive-thru window had been left unlocked. CCTV footage shows Cross reaching in to pour herself a drink, then actually climbing through the window.

Footage captured she is opening the drive-thru window and reaching towards the drinks dispenser to fix herself a treat.

But she doesn't stop there.

Realising that no one near, she climbed through the small window and helped herself to even more goodies. 

She handed a big box of food to a person waiting outside and tried to hide her face, despite having it in full view when she came inside through window..

Cross also stole $1,400 (£1000) in cash and Happy Meal toys.