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Vietnam's horrific dog meat market where dogs are BOILED ALIVE then eaten

It is believed the meat gets tastier the more they suffer.

I found these heartbreaking images showing a dog meat market in Vietnam where stolen pets are forced into cages and delivered to restaurants to be boiled alive. They were released by animal rights activists.

The image shows truck full of dogs on their way on their way to be killed for food after it stopped along the roadside.

Those who filmed the footage, wished not to mentioned by name, said some of the animals were wearing collars which suggests that they are pets that have been stolen.

The helpless animals are often treated poorly they are force-fed, bludgeoned with bats then dropped into boiling water in the belief their meat grows tastier the more they suffer.

Michele Brown, the CEO of Fight Dog Meat - a charity that is trying to stop the trade - said:

"In Vietnam, it's believed eating tough meat makes a tough man.

Many think dog meat boosts a man's libido, helps their joints and even cures illness. But none of this is scientifically proven.

The preference is for tough meat, it's like the opposite of meat eaten in the West.

So they think by terrifying the dogs, they flood them with adrenaline and make the meat tastier."

About five million dogs are eaten every year in Vietnam, especially in the country's capital, Hanoi.

Dogs are often smuggled in tightly-packed vans like the one in the image, but it’s rare to be caught on camera as they normally travel at night.

The dog snatchers steal the dog in front of the owner in broad daylight.

This heartbreaking photo shows a dog being dragged on a length of rope.

The pets are boiled alive

They are also 'force-fed and bludgeoned'

Cooked dogs, ready to be served to customers

Other images shows that dogs forced into tight spaces on the back of motorbikes.

Alongside people's pets, the seller also gathers up stray dogs to be killed and eaten.