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Would you book this when flying long haul with a baby or children?

Love is in the air.

Flight journeys with young children can be very stressful for parents.

Not only it is difficult to keep them entertained, it can also be risky to get them to settle in the aircraft.

And you've probably wondered why on earth airlines don't make it possible for little ones to lie down.

Thankfully, Air Zealand's latest offer make this portion of the journey a lot easier.

The airline plans to introduce a new seating option to allow passengers travelling with children to have their own space in which to rest, relax or play without disturbing other passangers.

Air New Zealand has introduced a 'Skycouch' - a row of three economy seats that convert into a bed - which includes an infant harness and belt, allowing kids to lie down for the entire flight if they wish to - even during take off and landing.

This helps parents having to wake them up for takeoff and landing.

They’ve also created an “infant pod”, which provides additional comfort and protection for young kids.

The airline states on its website that the Skycouch Infant Harness, Belt and Pod will be available on all Air New Zealand Boeing 777 and 787-9 operated long-haul services from mid-2018 and is "like having your very own couch on the plane".

If you're not planning to fly with Air New Zealand any time soon, you might want to try these products designed to make flying bit easier:

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Make the most of your space when you fly economy.

In fact we'd love to hear from you who have flown long-haul with kids.. Do you think the Skycouch is a good idea. Is this something you would book when flying with your family?