Severo Marino


Now you can buy and eat a giant lollipop version of your own face

Lick yourself.

Think you're pretty tasty? Now you can share your deliciousness with friends and family.

Order a lollipop version of your face or your friend's face, your favorite movie star -- whoever you'd like to, umm, lick. 

British online retailer Firebox, which has also blessed us with huge Monster Mushions, is now selling The Face Licker, a custom lollipop which are designed to look just like your face.

All you need is a selfie and a short description and pay to be turned into a giant lollipop.

You can upload the faces of friends and family too if you fancy giving one away as a gift.

Each lollipop will cost you £39.99(frankly a bargain). They are a delicious tutti-frutti flavor and you really get what you pay for.

They are also vegan.

NOTE: It takes eight to 10 days to get to you if you’re the UK and up to 17 days for international orders.