Mohammad Mackenzie


Man develops odd lump on hand after dental checkup

He was diagnosed with endocarditis.

After a routine trip to the dentist, a 27-year-old developed a deadly heart infection, as well as a horrible, bulging lump on his right hand.

It all started when he noticed a red mark on his hand in six weeks after the dental checkup, the mark had become swollen and changed to blue colour.

He was also suffering from night sweats, fevers , diminished appetite and weight loss.

After examinations, the man was diagnosed with endocarditis, a life-threatening heart infection. Doctors found an infected mass on his aortic valve, as well as traces of the bacteria streptococcus salivarius in his blood.

Doctors hypothesize that due to the man's "poor oral hygiene," some of this bacteria entered the bloodstream during his visit to the dentist and found its way into the heart.

Antibiotics cleared up the his infection with two days. But he needed surgery to repair his aneurysm and replace his aortic valve.