Brayden Onslow


People are wearing piercings instead of rings on their fingers

Well, at least it won't slip off your finger.

There are lots of reasons you might not like to wear a ring.

May be you’ve heard some scary stories of rings getting stuck in finger and the wearer needing to go to hospital to get it cut (the ring, not their finger)

May be you don’t like the idea of a ring slipping off while you do washing up or big shiny diamond ring just isn’t your thing.

Thankfully, there are alternative options for you.

For a long time people have been getting engagement ring tattoos on their fingers instead of wearing them. But, now the new trend is getting a piercing.

Yes, I'am talking about a finger piercing. 

I can imagine how painful that might be but hey, we all do strange and wonderful things for love.

The new trend has plenty of personalised options so anyone who doesn't like wearing ring in favour of a piercing can get involved.

Some people get diamonds, others get simple sparkling dots, and others get elaborate bars and rings.

Either way, you'll be left with a tiny scar if you decide to remove the piercing, so it really is a permanent mark of your commitment to someone.