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Factory worker dies after colleague inserted industrial air hose in his anus

Prank gone wrong.

Horrifying stories of people being attacked and murdered are reported across the world, and they simply get more terrifying each time.

But this man tragically died after his colleague put a compressed air hose into his anus.

40 year old Ravinder was working in a plywood factory in New Delhi, India when he bent down to get a piece of wood from the factory floor. His colleague Anjan Misra inserted an industrial air hose into his anus and turned it on.

The air hose, which was used at the factory to cut through blocks of wood, was extremely powerful.

Ravinder collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was confirmed dead the same day.

Another worker said:

"We alerted the manager and took Ravinder to the local dispensary and then to a government hospital, where he died during treatment later in the day.

He died of internal haemorrhaging and organ damage."

Apparently Ravinder helped Misra to get the job at the factory two years ago, having both come from the same village.

Misra has been arrested for murder and police are said to be checking CCTV footage from the factory to see whether anyone else was involved.