John Parkes


Famous online celebrity keyboard cat Bento has died

Bento now rocking it out in the stars

It's always really sad if one of our heroes dies. Firstly few years back it was David Bowie, Roger Moore, few days back its Stephen Hawking.

Well, it brings me no happy to announce that 9 year old internet sensation -  keyboard cat - Bento - sadly passed away, on 8th March.

Yes, that wonderfull smart celebrity cat has taken his final cheers and gone to join the other musical cats in heaven. 

Bento died on 8th March, but officially his owner Charlie Schmidt has announced the sad news on Saturday night.

He was adopted by Schmidt from the local shelter in 2010.

Schmidt posted a video tribute to Bento on his official page, as well as a picture with the dates of his birth and death.