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Ugadi 2018: Significance and Importance

There is no Ugadi without tasting the traditional Ugadi Pachadi.

Happy ugadi everyone...

Ugadi is an important festival for Hindus. It is our newyear according to the hindu calendar. Clear with its name Udagi or Yugadi, which is literally translated as the start of the new calendar – Yug (new) and adi (the beginning), the first month of the year is called Chaitra and Ugadi is the first day of Chaitra.

It usually comes in the months of March or April and this year its on Sunday 18th March.

The day is considered very auspicious as it is believed that Lord Brahma had created the universe, and that is why this day also marks the beginning of the Satyayug.

Not only that, Chaitra Navratri begins on this day, and it leads to Ram Navami – Lord Rama’s birthday – which is celebrated on the ninth day. 

There is no Ugadi without tasting the traditional Ugadi Pachadi. This is the one thing which is done only on this day in every house of hindus.

Each home has its own version of preparing the ugadi pachadi but the main ingredients (reflecting all the six flavors) are as specified below.

Which consists of  6 tastes:

  • Sweet (Jaggery)
  • Sour (Tamarind)
  • Bitter (Neem flowers)
  • Tart (Mango)
  • Spice (Chillies/Black  pepper)
  • Salty (Salt).

These different tastes signifies different facts of our life in the year ahead and in a way prepares us to face all of the challenges equally..