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Russian tourist gives birth to her baby in the Red Sea

Now that's a water baby!

A newborn baby got quite different start to life after her/his mum gave birth in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The woman is thought to be a Russian tourist and was with who I think is her partner. There was also a Russian doctor nearby who specialises in water births.

Amazing photos were taken by a tourist from a nearby hotel balcony which shows the doctor and other man coming out from the water with the baby, with its umbilical cord still attached and its placenta is in a plastic container.

The woman's partner helped the doctor to carry the baby from the ocean.

The baby was carried from the water before the mother came out of the sea looking as if she had just been for a swim.  

It's still not clear whether she went in to the sea to give birth or whether she went into labour unexpectedly while swimming.