Mary Choate


A word The Simpsons invented is now in the dictionary

"Make bigger or more expansive".

A word invented on The Simpsons – "Embiggen" – has been added to Merriam-Webster, the most social media-savvy US online dictionary.

It means to "make bigger or more expansive", says Merriam-Webster - which was invented by the Simpsons writer Dan Greaney in 1996.

Merriam-Webster included the word, which has become popular partly because of the comic Ms Marvel, amongst 850 new words and definitions.

“Embiggen” seems like the kind of word that shouldn’t actually exist. And it really didn’t, by and large, until The Simpsons (re-)invented it. It comes from a Season 7 episode called "Lisa the Iconoclast."

It is from the motto of the fictional Simpsons' town of Springfield which reads:

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man."