Dine with Danika


Tetley indulgence gingerbread tea - for a warming, comforting treat.

a real treat.

As a tea lover i look forward to try new and different teas everyday. As the days are very cold and snowing outside i decided to find some new spiced teas to try. While shopping across Tesco groceries i found Tetley’s new Indulgence range of teas within this i found a box of 20 GingerBread for £1.99 and decided to give it a try.

I placed the teabag in my teamug and added boiled water from Kettle. The teabag soon brewed with the hot water and it changed a medium brown colour. I let the teabag sit in hotwater for 2 minutes and added 1 spoon sugar(optional) as i got sweet tooth ineeded sugar and added bit of milk.(which can be enjoyed with or without milk)soon i was hit with the aroma of ginger.

At first sip i wasn't sure of this but as I drank a hit of ginger and spices came through and it was very smooth. Its nice aroma and flavour make nice everyday tea special and it is perfect for the colder weather and sore throats

As i had with fresh corrisonts it tasted more delicious.

So would I recommend this gingerbread tea for everyone and thank you Tetley for producing a nice everyday tea. 

Its worth checking the Tetley website for new tasty products