Angus Webb


ASOS is selling a £35 swimsuit but you can't wear it in the water

Just make sure you stay away from the pool.

If I was buying a swimsuit, without doubt I'd want to wear it in the pool or at the beach.

But ASOS has left me confused after uploading this one-piece swimsuit with jewels that can’t be worn in water.

Yeah, you did read that right.

This black and white £35 swimsuit sold by ASOS has a Bardot neck, studs, and a high-cut leg.

Someone named Amna Saleem shared a screenshot of the description and said:

“Can someone explain to Asos how swimsuits work pls"

Another person said:

“I think you have to Photoshop some water behind yourself.”

Not only can you not wear it in the water, but this swimsuit is "dry clean only".

Just make sure you don't go near any water or you'll have to get changed everytime want to swim.

Luckily, ASOS also have a load of other swimsuits which you can wear in the water.