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Greggs driver delivers free doughnuts for those stuck in the snow

Beating the traffic jam with a jam doughnut.

After severe snowy traffic conditions left thousands of drivers stuck on the roads and in need of rescue – an unlikely hero stepped in to save the day.

When the snow showers started getting heavier, Jon took matters into his own hands and decided to ask Greggs' head office  if he could give out free food.

Greggs driver, Jon Gowing, handed out doughnuts, biscuits, cakes and more to helpless motorists who were stuck in the snow for hours in Lindisfarne, Northumberland.

He was helped by another other driver Les Goff, who was travelling home from Edinburgh to Leeds, and was one of the first to be asked if he'd like a cake. He then agreed to help spread the joy to other drivers.

And so that is the story of how the people on the A1 were fed.