Jesse Anderson


Woman films herself shopping with a stolen contactless card she found on the street

"Bad deed for a good deed innit".

A shameless women filmed herself going on a shopping spree using a lost Lloyd's Bank debit card that she claims she found in the street.

The youngster recorded herself walking around Brixton, in south London, wondering how the 'card works' before treating herself to a pair of Nike tracksuit bottoms from JD Sports.

She even bought a McDonald's meal and a drink for a homeless person at one point, saying:

"Bad deed for a good deed innit."

The unknown woman also used the card to buy a bottle of water and to top-up her Oyster travel card by spending under the £30 contactless limit.

The woman, speaking to the camera with her face hidden, said: 

"So this morning I found a square. I spent all the money off of it.

Now, just don't lose the contactless cards guys. You have been warned. I am about."