Jole Fanucci

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Man refuses to go to toilet for 26 days in protest against drugs arrest

It's been almost four weeks since he went for a poo.

Essex Police in England have revealed that a man named Lamarr Chambers, who was arrested for suspected drugs offences, hasn't been to the toilet for 26 days.

Officers believe he swallowed the drugs before his arrest and have been on 'PooWatch' waiting for him to pass them out before being able to officially charge him with an offence.

It looks like Chambers has broken the previous British record by 3 days, which was set by an inmate who refused to defecate for 23 days straight.

The initial 24 hour update went like this:

18 Jan 2018: "Male is still refusing to pass objects, still doesn’t believe police have this power to hold him until he produces, male has been charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs x2 and on way to court for a 7 day lay down application."

Some people are concerned for the man’s health, but police officers have stated that he is being constantly assessed by medical staff.

They also said it was "HIS choice not to poo", which raises an interesting question: if this was happening in the United States, would he able to rely on the Fifth Amendment to not self-incriminate by pooing?