Jude Harris


Baileys' has Launched Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream Drink

This PINK Baileys looks incredible!

Baileys Strawberries & Cream is being launched as an all-new, limited-edition version of the cream Irish liqueur just in time of valnetine's day.

It's basically adult strawberry milk, combining the delicious flavours of the strawberries with the creamy taste of the Irish cream liqueur.

Bottles come in 750ml and 50ml sizes, and can be enjoyed over ice, with milk or can be used  in your cupcake.

The large bottles are on sale now with LiquorBarn.com for $19.99 (around £14.39) and there is also miniature 50ml bottles on sale, too.

Sadly the new drink is currently available in the US. Fingers crossed it'll be filling up our glasses before February 14th!