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World’s tallest man meets world’s smallest girl for photoshoot in Egypt

Little and Large.

The worlds tallest man and shortest woman have met together for an extraordinary photoshoot in Egypt and the pictures are priceless.

They both came together in front of the historic site of Giza Pyramids in Cairo last Friday.

According to the Guinness World Records, Sultan Kosen, 35, from Turkey is the tallest man on the earth wh8ft 1in.

And Jyoti Amge, 24, from India, has been named the shortest woman who is just 2ft 6in tall.

She is an actress who has appeared in the TV show American Horror Story and Bollywood films.

And the difference between them is just amazing as in one photo Jyothi Amge looks to be the same size as Kosen's foot size.

They both won their records in 2011.

They were invited by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board to visit the most famous places in Cairo in order to help boost tourism in Egypt.