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Chinese dating apps shut after ‘sexy girl’ chats found to be run by robots

Some men in China thought they were dating young sexy ladies through their smartphones, but it all turned out to be a sham. A number of Chinese dating websites have been shut down after it was revealed women on their websites were actually automated robots.

Last month police have closed down mobile apps associated with 21 companies and arrested more than 600 suspects operating across 13 provinces.

Some of the apps claimed customers could chat with “sexy girls” online, but clients found themself messaging and receiving answers from artificial intelligence computer programs instead.

Other scams involved customers paying to watch videos with sexual content, but they were unable to load and view the films.

Police was quoted as saying that the cases involved hundreds of thousands of customers and the fraud amounted to more than 1 billion yuan (US$154 million). More than 600 suspects have been arrested.

and some dating apps were asking users to pay a “VIP charge” of 200 yuan to chat to “sexy girls”