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What are the healthiest mince pies you can buy this Christmas?

One supermarket has come out on top.

We don't normally agree on much at Christmas, but we can all say that Christmas wouldn't feel the same without mince pies.

We start to eat them as soon as December starts, and by the time New Year's Day rolls around our waistlines seem to have expanded out of nowhere.

So while we don't really want to cut our indulgence levels and calorie count, it wouldn't be a bad idea to find out which supermarkets sell the 'healthiest' mince pies (well, the least bad for you, anyway).

Bowel & Cancer Research have been on the case and looked at four different mince pie offerings from the UK's biggest supermarket chains.

The moreish qualities of a mince pie boil down to their rich fat and sugar content, which gives them that deliciously indulgent flavour. Interestingly, the calorie, fat and sugar content can vary greatly between  supermarket products.

And it looks like Asda is the place to go if you want a 'healthier' option of mince pie, with Bowel & Cancer Research reporting that:

"Asda came up top as the healthiest choice by having the lowest calorie, saturated fat and sugar content.

However, Tesco and Morrisons had the highest fibre content with as much as 1.5g fibre per pie – fibre is an essential component for the normal functioning of the gut and may help to keep hunger at bay."

I picked up some of the Asda ones for 89p last night. They're quite tasty, without any alcohol in them, but when I checked the ingredients I realised there wasn't any butter in the pastry (only palm oil and other vegetable fats) - which studies have shown could cause cancers!

Supermarket mince pies ranked from 'best to worst'

  • 1st : Asda (219 kcal, 8.6g fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 14g sugar, 1.1g fibre)
  • 2nd: Tesco (217 kcal, 8.5g fat, 3.8g saturated fat, 17g of sugar, 1.2g fibre)
  • 3rd: Sainsbury's (262 kcal, 10.2g fat, 4g saturated fat and 18.6g sugar, 1.2g fibre)
  • 4th: Morrisons (256 kcal, 9.5g fat, 4.2g saturated fat and 21.9g sugar, 1.5g fibre)

Personally I would prefer to have mince pies with an all-butter pastry and eat less of them, but if you really are watching your waistline then Asda might be your best bet.