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Meghan Markle's ex-husband is planning a 'savage revenge'

Before Meghan Markle got engaged to one of most eligible bachelors in Britain, she was previously married to TV producer Trevor Engleson who is probably best known for Robert Pattinson’s show Remember Me.

Markle and Engleson started dating in 2004 before tieing the knot in 2011, but divorced just two years later, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Now the producer is planning a "savage revenge" against his ex-wife, by creating a new TV show that involves a divorced couple and the British Royal Family.

The comedy show is about a guy who shares custody of a child with his ex-wife after she marries a prince.

Although the real-life couple have no children, it is going to be based on real life events following a conversation Trever Engelson had with fellow producer Dan Farrah.

The Press Association confirmed that an extra public holiday to celebrate Harry wedding divorcee Meghan was out of the question.

The statement read:

"There are ‘no plans’ for a bank holiday on the day of Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, Downing Street says."

Many responded by saying they’ve lost all interest in anything going on with the wedding now, with one user commenting:

"In that case none of us are remotely interested."

The wedding will take place sometime next spring.