Brooke Bevan

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Tesco refuses to sell alcohol to anyone shopping with a family

People are abandoning their shopping over the absurd policy.

We know that Tesco is the worst kind of supermarket. It's happy to serve people horsemeat disguised as beef. It's also happy to cook the books and be prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office for the scandal.

Now they are being slammed after their policy which refuses to sell alcohol to anyone who is accompanied by, or in a group with someone, who doesn't look at least 25-years-old. 

Catherine O'Callaghan, 47, was a victim of this policy and explained how a cashier waited until she had unloaded all her shopping at the till before asking if daughter Niamh had ID, which she didn't. The mother abandoned the rest of her shopping because she wasn't allowed to buy the bottle of wine.

She went to Morrison's the next day to and finished her shopping and has slated Tesco over their 'silly' policy.

Another incident was reported at a Tesco branch near the University of Huddersfield, where a gentleman's wife was asked for ID despite her not purchasing anything. Her ID was also refused for not being issued in the UK. The gentleman who apparently had valid ID was forced to leave his shopping behind after the incident and also complained to customer services who were unapologetic.

Tesco's customer service department have since stated that is "company policy" to ask for ID of everyone in a family who appears to be under the age of 25. The till-worker in Catherine's case said that:

"It's policy to refuse to serve if they think that the alcohol is meant for someone else."

So if you think you can get some beers while shopping with your kids in Tesco this Christmas, think again. Or better still, just shop elsewhere like Catherine did.