Aida Marchesi

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Denmark is the next European country to ban traditional Islamic wear

The burqa is banned in public.

Following the example set by France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria, Denmark is the next EU country to ban Islamic clothing, namely the 'burqa'. The majority of the Danish government backed the ban on the Muslim face veil.

Countries across Europe have expressed concern with the veil, bringing into question issues around religious freedom, secular traditions, and ongoing fear of terrorism.

Anders Samuelsen, Denmark's Foreign Minister, said:

"There will come a masking ban in Denmark. That’s how it is.

So if it is practically possible to have such a ban without betraying ourselves or our own values, then the Liberal Alliance will vote for it

We are ready to ban the burqa if that is what it takes … But there are some dilemmas, not least with regards to how such a ban would be enforced."

Countries say the move to ban the burqa is to secure and protect their national interests and values. Germany stated that Germans ‘show our face in interpersonal communication’. 

A poll earlier in the year revealed that most of the British public are in favour of banning Muslim face veils, and almost 50% feel the 'burkini' should be outlawed.