Lily Martin


Johnson & Johnson to pay out $4.7 billion dollars after baby products linked to cancer

This is dreadful.

Johnson & Johnson’s products are a common item in bathrooms everywhere, but the products have been proven to cause ovarian cancer if used for hygiene purposes.

Eva Echeverria, from Los Angeles, has claimed $417 million (£324 million) in damages after developing ovarian cancer in 2007. It is the largest amount the company has ever had to pay after a series of court verdicts.

Eva, who is terminally ill,  used Johnson & Johnson’s baby talcum powder on a regular basis from the early 1950s until last year. She claimed Johnson & Johnson failed to warn customers of the potential cancer risks from using their famous product.

Eva’s attorney, Mark Robinson, said:

"Mrs Echeverria is dying from this ovarian cancer and she said to me all she wanted to do was to help the other women throughout the whole country who have ovarian cancer for using Johnson & Johnson for 20 and 30 years."

A Johnson & Johnson spokesperson said the company will be appealing the decision, arguing that the safety of their baby powder  is backed by scientific evidence.

The verdict has resulted in $4.7 billlion dollars being paid out to 22 victims. Eva is hoping the verdict will force Johnson & Johnson to place extra warnings on their products.