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Which apps drain your battery the quickest?

How many times have you stopped using an app because your battery was draining quicker than you would have time get to a charger?

But there are actually some apps which waste your battery quicker than others, with some opening as soon as you switch your phone on.

Tech firm Avast used data from 3,000,000 Android users, and found which ones had the greatest impact on battery life, storage capacity and mobile date usage. They have now revealed the top 10 apps that ruin performance when you turn your phone on, or unlock, and also the ones that hit your battery from the minute you open them.

The top 10 apps that kill your battery juice on start-up include:

  1. Google TalkBack
  2. Google Play Music
  3. Google Maps
  4. Newsstand
  5. Google Plus
  6. ChatON Voice
  7. ChatON Video Chat
  8. Samsung Push Service
  9. ChatON
  10. Google Hangouts

However, the biggest battery waster was Samsung AllShare which syncs content across Samsung devices.

The ones that drain battery after you launch the app yourself are more varied

Samsung WatchON, a discontinued media app was the worst offender, followed by Google Docs, Samsung Media Hub, SHAREit, and Video Editor.

Flipboard, Google Text-to-Speech, Clean Master, LINE and Adobe Acrobat reader rounded out the top ten on this side of the board.

Whereas Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat used to occupy these 'top 10' lists, they have since improved to no longer be such performance drainers.

What about on iOS?

Facebook and Twitter are still in the top five worst offenders along with Google Chrome browser, Google Maps and Skype.