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America's oldest 111 year old veteran is still smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and enjoying life

I can’t wait to tell my doctor about this guy.

Drink plenty of water, excercise for 30 minutes daily, don't smoke, limit your alcohol intake, eat more vegetables and less meat.

That all sounds like the kind of advice you would expect to hear if you want hit the century right?

Then World War II veteran, Richard Overton of Austin Texas, would disagree. He is celebrating his 111th birthday by getting through 12 Tampa Sweet cigars, some bourbon whiskey, fried foods, and a dash of flirting with the nurses that make sure he is ok.

So what’s his secret? 

Richard usually wakes up around 3am and gets through a dozen-or-so cigars while drinking up to 4 cups of coffee. His caretakers make him grits and glass of whole milk for breakfast, then anything else he wants for lunch and dinner.  His favorite foods are fried catfish, meatloaf, and chicken. He spends the rest of his day drinking whiskey and smoking cigars on his front porch.

At his 111th birthday there was a special surprise from the city of Austin itself.  About 200 people came to his birthday party and they renamed a street after him making it known as "Richard Overton Avenue". You can guess what the guests brought him: fancy cigars and bottles of whiskey.

Not only is the oldest veteran still living — he's enjoying life to the full. I can’t wait to tell my doctor about this guy!

Recently Richard's health was affected and he was admitted to hospital for four days. A family member said:

"As soon as he got home and back on the porch again he just could not wait to fire up a cigar one more time. We are so thankful that all is well and he is back on his throne once again watching the world go around."