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Shocking moment 'drunk' man jumps into lion enclosure to 'shake hands' with it

Mukesh Kumar a native of Rajasthan was arrested after he entered Lion enclosure in Hyderabad Zoo on Sunday

A drunk guy found himself face to face with a female lion at a zoo in Hyderabad, India, and somehow came out with hardly a scratch.

Mukesh Kumar 35-year-old rail worker from Rajasthan climbed down into a lion enclosure at a zoo and walk through a river in an attempt to shake hands with one of the big cats.

As the footage shows, his sudden jump and loud noise of the splash created destraction among the visitors.

People watching can be heard screaming in fear, and throwing rocks to try and scare the lion away.

Kumar told: "I wanted to shake hands with the lioness, fight the lion and also end my life. So I went inside."

Zoo officials later pulled Kumar out and he was taken into police custody. Kumar admitted he had been drinking with friends before coming to the zoo.

Zoo curator Shivani Dogra told: "From now on, one security guard would be posted outside the enclosure of all carnivorous animals. We will also seek more police patrol inside the zoo park".