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Top Easter Egg Supermarket Deals 2018

The Easter Egg price war has started already..!

Want to know where the best and cheap supermarket deals for Easter Eggs are..? You have come to the right place to find..

We have been looking all the best chocolate deals  for Easter to save you fishing round the shops and checking the prices.

This page will be updated regularly so you can be sure you are getting the best and cheap offers on Easter Eggs this year as the stores start their prices..

Here's the best of what's on offer right now:


Tesco have started their offers nice and early and are the first supermarket to do so, as they have a one week offer on selected Medium Easter Eggs at just 75p, reduced from £1.50. Choose from Kit Kat, Smarties, Aero Bubbles and Rolo. They also have Cadbury Egg and Spoon packs reduced to £1 each..


Asda have yet to start their special offers for Easter yet, though in 2016 they had the best offer on Large Easter Eggs of all the supermarkets, as they were £5 each 3 for £10! If they match that offer again this year they could be our best bet for those large impressive eggs.


Sainsbury's always do a great offer on their own brand Sainsbury's Easter Eggs with their prices dropping lower as you get closer towards the Easter weekend. They are only £1 each now at full price, but in 2016 they dropped to 80p each and even to 50p!


Morrisons usually do great offers on big favourites like cadburys easter eggs Cadbury's Easter Eggs and last March they dropped the Medium Eggs down to just 91p each! Here's hoping they repeat that offer for all those Dairy Milk fans. Morrisons were also the supermarket that brought us Sparkles The Chocolate Unicorn last Easter, so we're hoping her and her friends are coming back again this year!


Thorntons has some amazing deals on luxury smooth chocolate this Easter, with 5 for £15 on small eggs, 5 for £20 on large eggs and 20% off all Easter eggs with code: EGGS20.


Beating Sainsbury's by a penny, Aldi has children's chocolate eggs from just 79p each - but you'll have to shop in-store only.

For treasure hunts, they've also got the famous Aldi Bunny - an own brand replica of the Lindor bunny, at 99p each.


With a line of tasty treats that rivals the Easter bunny himself, Lidl’s FAVORINA and Deluxe Easter eggs start from around 79p.The Lidl's own Deluxe White Chocolate Eaton Mess Easter Egg is £2.99, whilst the Cream Egg alternative Favorina Chocolate Dip Eggs with Spoon - £1.49.

Although there aren't any deals running across Lidl's Easter range, we've spotted their Milk Chocolate Rabbit collection for £79p.

AMAZON:'s chocolate egg selection starts from £1 this Easter - and if you're after a stand out chocolate surprise - you can count on the online giant to stock it.

If you've got a lot to order, and are registered on the Amazon Prime Trial , or annual membership, order online for free one-hour or one-day delivery.

                                                        HAPPY EASTER