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Vending machine in London gives out free bottles of Moët champagne

Selfridges sell them for £18 each!

What could taste better than cold, bubbly champagne? Free champagne of course!

To celebrate the relaunch of the All Bar One in Leicester Square, London, a vending machine has been setup that gives away free bottles of delicious Moët champagne until the end of November.

To get one of the 350 bottles it can hold all you have to do is ‘push for champagne’.

Moet free champagne vending machine Leicester Square, London

It gives out civilized 200ml bottles (rather than gigantic magnums) which are perfect for individual sipping on the commute home from central London.

Selfridges used to sell them for £18 a pop, which will no doubt make these free bottles of fizz taste even better.

Free champagne customers

And you needn't worry about the bottles falling down out of the dispencing rack, causing them to either crack or explode in your face when you try to open them. No, instead a robotic arm will ‘gently lift’ bottles out to you.

Now here's hoping one gets stuck and I get end up getting two of them, cheers! 🍸 😜