Giveaways and free stuff

  1. Claudia Ratcliffe · UK
    Switch to a Halifax current account and get £125 free
  2. Keir McLean · UK
    Free Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip from John Lewis
  3. Lara Bruce · UK
    Fathers Day free personalised photo mug
  4. Muhammad Barnett · UK
    Free 4 strand sample pack of hair extensions
  5. John Parkes · UK
    Free Google VR carboard glasses from BT Sport
  6. Mia Thompson · UK
    FREE: Always Discreet Senstive Bladder Pants for £0.00 from Lloydspharmacy
  7. Hui Everhart · UK
    Free Goodfellas Italiano pizzas - 10,000 to giveaway
  8. Taj Milford · UK
    ��Get a FREE Thorntons Easter Egg�� worth £4 from O2
  9. Archie Langwell · UK
    Free Ben & Jerry's ice-cream cone day 4th April 2017
  10. Kiera Cooke · UK
    Free Sizzling Minerals Pack
  11. Tess Christie · UK
    Free Micro helmet and Scoot Safe book from Micro Scooter
  12. Olivia Frodsham · UK
    Free Hair Clips & Extensions from Hair Extensions
  13. Liberio Pisano · UK
    Pick up your free Lip Butter or Balm from O2
  14. Isabel Morrison · UK
    Free Burt’s Bees Lipstick
  15. Regan Cunningham · UK
    Get your FREE magazine subscription from Lego