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Final fantasy xv windows edition is out now for £27.99  from Greenman Gaming

20% Off FINAL FANTASY XV on PC at Green Man Gaming

  • Bonus: Half-Life Pack – Available through the Workshop for all FINAL FANTASY WINDOWS EDITION owners on Steam until May 1st!
  • Half-Life Costume (Main Game Exclusive) - Protective gear made at the Black Mesa Research Facility. 
  • Crowbar (Main Game Exclusive) - Metallic tool that could prove quite useful in a pinch.
  • HEV Suit (COMRADES Exclusive)- Full outfit for the entire body, exclusive to COMRADES. Protective suit made at the Black Mesa Research Facility.
  • Scientist Glasses (COMRADES Exclusive)- Decorative accessory for the face, exclusive to COMRADES. Thick-rimmed black glasses that exude an air of quiet intelligence.

Start Date: 1st March 2018

End Date: 7th March 2018