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Shadow of the Colossus + Dynamic Theme and Life Sword for £21.85 form ShopTo

Shadow of the Colossus + Dynamic Theme and Life Sword

Experience the wonder and majesty of one of the most acclaimed and beloved video games of all time, now on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Pre-order now to receive a dynamic theme for your PS4 and an alternative in-game Life sword, which increases your health regeneration rate.

Helmed by Bluepoint Games, the emotion, intensity and beauty of Fumito Ueda's original adventure has been given a staggering makeover. With improved visuals and enhanced performance, every epic moment is more breathtaking and memorable than ever before.

Set on a quest to bring a girl back to life, your task is to bring down 16 gigantic beasts. Armed with only your wits, a magical sword and a bow, venture out into expansive landscapes on the back of your trusty steed and seek out each Colossus. But be warned - while each giant has a specific weakness, finding and exploiting it will be far from simple. A thrilling mixture of exploration, platforming, puzzle-solving and action awaits...