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Boeing 737 flight simulator experience £39

For £39, you can spend 30 minutes in the 737 Experience flight simulator in Newburn, near Newcastle.

The simulator is an exact 1:1 scale replica of the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800NG and features a 220-degree high-definition visual system -- giving you a very realistic experience

You can choose to fly from any airport in the world

With the guidance of an instructor you'll take off, complete circuits around the airport, prepare the aircraft for landing, fly the aircraft into the approach position and execute a successful landing.

What you'll get

  • A 30-minute flight simulator session for one person, including a brief introduction to the controls and 25 minutes' flight time from takeoff to landing
  • Valid 9am-9pm Monday-Friday; 9am-8pm Saturdays; 10am-8pm Sundays until 31 March, 2020
  • A voucher for 60 minutes is £59; a voucher for 90 minutes is £89; a voucher for 120 minutes is £109