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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Console, 1TB, with DUALSHOCK 4 Controller, Jet Black and Gran Turismo Sport

2 year guarantee included

  • Assisted Driving - aids steering, throttle control, brakes, stability control and more. You can turn it on and off depending on the level of your skill
  • Brand Central - where you can buy cars from particular brand as well as find out about the history of the manufacturers
  • Arcade & Open Lobby - enjoy time trials and race against the AI. In the Lobby you can host your own race, as well as participate or watch races hosted by others
  • Sport Mode - matches players with the same level of skill and sportsmanship to create a fair and exciting online racing environment
  • Livery Editor - allows you to freely design the exterior of your car. You can share your creations with other players in the game