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A very good offer from Lego giving you 50% off when you spend £10.


This offer ("The Offer") will commence on 5 November 2018. This Offer is provided to you by PayPal Pte. Ltd (registered in Singapore under nr. 200509725E) and gives you a voucher of £5 towards your online purchase at LEGO for any goods with a value of £10 or more before December 16th, 2018 (23.59H) and when you pay with PayPal. The Offer can be used to the maximum value. This Offer can be activated only once per user in the users PayPal account and only once per household. The Offer applies to items purchased on shop.LEGO.com/en-GB after any taxes and shipping costs are added to the order, and will be deducted at the checkout of the total. To take advantage of the offer, you must: a) have or open a PayPal account, b) activate the Offer in your PayPal account, c) make an online purchase of £10 or more with your PayPal account at shop.LEGO.com/en-GB before 23.59H, December 16th, 2018. The Offer can only be deducted in the check-out provided that you use British Pound as currency for your purchase. The offer is not valid for LEGO Giftcards or e-Gift cards. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other third party cashback offers. PayPal is not liable for any actions taken by LEGO as a result of the offer not being used in accordance with the above limitations. The Offer may not be available if there is no network connection between the seller and PayPal available. There is a limited amount of discount vouchers available for this Offer and it will be based on the principle of: "First come, first served".