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Mornwell D51 Water Flosser for Teeth with 7 Multifunctional Nozzles, Dental Irrigator with Seamlessly 10 Adjustable Pressure and 600ml High Capacity for Family (UK 2-Pin Plug)


How to use?

  1. Fill the water into the tank, replace the reservoir over the base and press down firmly.
  2.  Insert the appropriate nozzle. Press the pop-out button if you need change the tip.
  3. Aim the tip toward teeth. Place the tip in mouth. Keep your mouth closed before turn on the machine to avoid a mess.
  4. Press the main button, then rotate the main button to adjust water pressure. (Note: when you first use it, please choose the lowest setting, gradually increase pressure.)
  5. Turn the on/off switch on the handle, then you can enjoy cleansing your teeth and gum.
  6. Finally, dry the tank for next use.