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The cheapest .com domain name registrar with cheap renewal prices

If you are thinking about buying a domain or like me already have a few domains then its worth shopping around (like anything else) for the cheapest deals on domain registrations and renewals.

Up until recently I was paying a stupidly high price with 1&1 for domains. I think they're .com extension is almost £17 per year once you include VAT! After looking around at a lot of places including CrazyDomains and One.com I came across Namecheap who offer excellent pricing and customer service. I've included some of their prices below which I feel are very reasonable:

  • .com £6.19
  • .net £8.52
  • .org £10.08
  • .co £6.89 (popular alternative to .com if yours is taken)
  • .co.uk £5.88
  • .io £25.52 (that is a lot less than elsewhere where it normally costs £36+)

There's loads more if you click on Buy Now, then scroll down to the bottom of their page and click on "Pricing".

Use code HOTDOMM to get further discount at checkout!!!

Hope this helps someone out.